SD-10 Screen-Drying Cabinet

From Workhorse Products

The SD-10 screen-drying cabinet, now offered by Workhorse Products, features an industrial filter, a high-output blower and adjustable pressurized or circular airflow. It boosts throughput and reduces the time and costs of repairs and do-overs, while holding up to 10 screens from 20″ x 24″ to 25″ x 36″ O.D. The SD-10 also has a stainless-steel finned strip; 120-volt, 1,200°F heater; and perforated, galvanized-steel angled shelves to maximize airflow and ensure screen-edge contact. Other features include a temperature controller with a digital dual display that shows both the set and internal temperature. It is made of industrial-strength sheet metal with double-wall construction and a single, sealed insulated door.