Vacuum Pallet

From Vastex International

Vastex International now offers a new 26.5″ x 37.5″ vacuum pallet to hold poster board, corrugated plastic and other flat substrates in place on a standard textile screen-printing press. The all-steel pallet contains hundreds of perforations across a 25″ x 36″ suction grid, holding materials with vacuum more securely with glue or quick stretch. It is self-powered in 120- or 240-volt models with an integral blower or universal hose adapter. Equipped with a leveling feature to ensure even ink transfer, the pallet allows printing on flat stock slightly larger than the pallet itself and can withstand the heat of repeated flash-cure cycles. It is mounted as standard on a heavy-duty pallet arm that slides onto the rotor arm of Vastex V-2000HD series presses and is secured using two lock knobs.