Vastex Intl. LittleRed X3-D Dryer

From Vastex Intl.

Vastex Intl. has introduced a multi-purpose dryer, the LittleRed X3-D infrared dryer, that can cure direct-to-garment (DTG)-printed textiles, as well as plastisol-, water-based- and discharge-printed garments at higher rates compared to conventional dryers, according to the company. The LittleRed 30-inch-wide X3-D model features a high-powered preheating zone that takes ink temperatures past 300˚F in the first several inches of conveyor travel. The dryer features three digitally controlled, height-adjustable heaters to maimize curing efficiency. It can cure more than 360 plastisol-printed garments per hour, more than 100 water-based or discharge-printed garments per hour and more than 38 inkjet-printed garments with digital white ink per hour with a four-minute dwell time.