Vesta Forced-Air Conveyor Dryer

From Ryonet

The new Ryonet Vesta forced-air conveyor dryer combines proprietary heating elements and a fresh air heat exchanger in a next-generation design that provides a competitive edge in applications from plastisol to pretreating and more. Instead of using recirculated air, the Vesta channels in fresh air, cooling the outside of the oven and allowing enhanced people- and equipment-friendly operation. The heat exchanger brings the air up to temperature so it is introduced to the chamber without cooling the face of the elements. As the air is heated, its relative humidity drops, enhancing moisture absorption and enabling faster curing as it is forced onto the garment. In addition, the Vesta’s long-wave infrared allows natural fibers to absorb 100% of the heat output, rather than reflecting it, as with short- or mid-wave infrared. A 40-inch heating bank exceeds the 36-inch belt width. Other Vesta features include digital heat control with two zones (flash and heat maintenance) for greater flexibility and digital speed control for real-time chamber-heat monitoring. The Vesta also has a TruTrak belt with a silicone bead on the edge that travels in a roller groove, maintaining alignment. An auto shut-off function turns off the heat while the belt continues to run until it is cool and shuts off, saving belt wear and tear from overheating.