Workhorse Products N-Series Numbering System

From Workhorse Products

The new N-Series numbering system from Workhorse Products is a quick, efficient solution for screen printing numbers on garments, according to the company. It facilitates placement and allows screens to be installed and removed without adjustment or clamping. The lightweight aluminum system features the screen as its only moving component. The patented design uses industrial magnets to firmly secure the screen, while making it easy to position it and fine-tune registration, according to the company. Each screen is fitted with a precise ruler and three steel rails to allow it to slide over the N-Series head assembly. The number to be printed is aligned with the ruler for left, right and center placement, and accommodates reduced spacing for printing the number 1. The N-Series Numbering System is available in three package levels: The N-1 is for printing one color on a single-head manual press. The N-2 is a dual head for printing two- color numbers. The N-2 Four-Head Professional can print one- and two-color numbers. Ready-to-print screens are offered in 2- to 12-inch sizes in a variety of number fonts.