Workhorse Products Screen Preregistration System

From Workhorse Products

Workhorse Products’ screen-preregistration system is designed to save hours of time by quickly and easily positioning artwork on screens for fast setup on press. To use, simply expose screens using the screen-placement grid and exposure unit jig. Once artwork is exposed, mount the registration pallet on the press. Next, move it to each print head, putting the screen frame in contact with the pallet at the three registration points. This preregistration system can be used with wood, aluminum and roller screen frames, and is compatible with all Workhorse screen-printing presses. It includes registration/pallet and exposure-unit jigs, screen-placement grid, pallet stop, carrier sheets and a pin bar set. Complete preregistration packages are available in four sizes: 20” x 24”, 20” x 28”, 23” x 31” and 25” x 36”.