Screen Printing:

Adjusting Dryer Temperature for Winter

By Taylor Landesman, Contributing Writer

January 8, 2018

For most screen printers, there is minimal heating or cooling inside their shops. This leads to seasonal temperature fluctuation that printers, and their equipment, must deal with.

During those chilly months, many of us put on a pair of gloves and a hat. Don’t forget to give your conveyor dryer a warmth boost too. 

The cold air in your shop pulls the heat away from the conveyor dryer, lowering the tunnel temperature. This means that a screen-printing dryer running at the same settings all year round could have a lower heat-chamber temperature in the winter compared with the summer. Without making any adjustments, your T-shirts and other garments going through the dryer could come out under-cured.

To make sure you are curing your shirts properly:
1. Raise the temperature,
2. Slow down the belt speed, or
3. Do a combination of the previous two.

For more details on adjusting your temperature settings, click here.

Taylor Landesman is vice president of Lawson Screen & Digital Products Inc., St. Louis, Mo., a family-owned and operated company. For more information, visit, email or call (314) 382-9300.