Screen Printing:

Fleece Printing Over Zippers, Seams & Pockets — Sponsored by JERZEES®

Learn how to achieve fashion looks on a fleece sweatshirt by screen printing over obscure areas of the garment.

By Mark Coudray, Contributing Writer

August 28, 2012

With the popularity of allover printing, it’s becoming increasingly common to screen print over zippers, seams and pockets, particularly on fleece apparel. Non-standard placements also have gained popularity, necessitating this type of printing.

In this Tech Tips Newsletter and accompanying video, we’ll show you how to print over zippers, seams and pockets. This works on hoodies, fleece and basic T-shirts. A good fabric is key to superior detail retention. For this demonstration, we will be using the new JERZEES® NuBlend® quarter-zip hooded sweatshirt (style 994MR), which offers high stitch density for a smooth screen printing surface. This garment also has a soft hand and a virtually pill-free appearance, making it a great canvas for your designs.

The key to success for this type of screen printing lies more in preparation than anything else. With the selection or design of artwork, as well as the correct mesh and printing setup, you can achieve outstanding results with minimal effort. Difficulty will be encountered if you skip steps or make random choices for your setup.