Screen Printing:

Mastering Four-Color Process Printing

Learn how to achieve high-end designs with these technical tips.
June 12, 2013

In this technical newsletter and accompanying video, you’ll learn how to achieve excellent color and tone range on your next true four-color process job (also known as 4CP or process color). These tips are designed to give you the fullest range of tone (light to dark) and color gamut possible using just four process colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black, also known as CMYK) plus the optional, but recommended, Wet White. For this project, we’ll be printing on Fruit of the Loom’s 6-ounce, 100% cotton Lofteez HD® T-shirt, an excellent surface to achieve this high-end printing.

We’re witnessing a resurgence of four-color process printing because of the rise of digital direct-to-garment (DTG) inkjet printing. It’s important to deliver both excellent short-run DTG images and matching four-color process screen prints for longer runs. High-end process color is being driven by a competitive market and maturing digital technologies.

Four-color process printing is more difficult than simulated process printing, but delivers a wider range of colors using only CMYK pigments. Even if you’re limited to a six-color press, you can still deliver vibrant, exciting prints.