Screen Printing:

Printing on Polyester Fabrics

Three processes for successful embellishment on these popular garments.

By James Ortolani, Contributing Writer, Sponsored by Gildan®

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May 7, 2018

The process for printing on T-shirts has fundamentally remained the same for decades because it mostly was done on 50/50 blended and 100% cotton T-shirts. But the introduction of performancewear and moisture-wicking garments has demanded some changes in the screen-print and heat-transfer decorating processes on polyester materials.

To be successful, it’s necessary to use the correct screen-printing inks, screens and processes to decorate these new, exciting fabrics. Attempting to print on polyester fabrics using the same approach as that used for printing 100% cotton and 50/50 tees is a recipe for disaster, but following the steps outlined here will make printing on polyester a breeze.

This edition of Impressions Tech Tips Newsletter is sponsored by Gildan® and features an in-depth look at three decorating processes on the Gildan Performance® Adult Core T-shirt (style 46000).