Screen Printing:

Screen Printing on 100% Polyester Mesh

Ensure a proper ink-film thickness and curing parameters for best results on this athletic fabric.

By Rick Davis, Contributing Writer

H458 Unisex Poly Mesh Athletic Tank: A sporty tank constructed from 3.3 oz/yd² polyester athletic mesh that is lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. It is developed for indoor/outdoor sports, crafted for active lifestyles and formulated for comfort.

August 20, 2014

 Mesh fabrics have been used in the athletic apparel market since the 1940s. Originally, nylon micro mesh was primarily used in making football jerseys. As technology progressed, polyester fibers were used to manufacture similar fabrics at a greatly reduced price while maintaining the same product/fabric performance.

Today, polyester micro mesh is used in a variety of athletic and casual garments, ranging from football jerseys to casual tops and dresses. Embellishment facilities have debated for years when attempting to determine the best way to decorate these garments.

In this Impressions Tech Tips Newsletter, we will look at the American Apparel unisex polyester mesh athletic tank (style H458) and T-shirt, and the different means of embellishing these garments.