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Simple Sublimation Solutions

Follow these tips to garner great results on poly-performance T-shirts.

By Jimmy Lamb, Contributing Writer

March 28, 2013

As the popularity of poly-performance apparel grows, so does the interest in sublimation, since it’s the ideal choice for decorating anything made of polyester. Though it has a few limitations — such as a lack of white ink — sublimation delivers stunning, full-color images on white and light-colored garments with ease. Plus, it’s one of the only decoration processes that won’t fade, crack or peel when laundered, due to the molecular nature of the sublimation process.

Combine that with the low entry cost of apparel sublimation equipment (printer packages start at $550) and it’s easy to see why sublimation is such a hot technique in the apparel decoration industry.

In this TechTips Newsletter and accompanying video, we’ll show you how to properly sublimate a poly-performance T-shirt. The same concepts will work on other polyester apparel products, with some minor adjustments in settings.