Screen Printing:

Using Gellusion for Special-Effects Prints

October 17, 2014

“Gellusion” is a special-effects printing technique that lends itself well to creating a shiny 3-D effect print on a garment. 

This technique combines several different print parameters, like a thick emulsion, and high-density and gel inks.  

An overprint using three fluorescent process colors results in a bright and intense RGB color simulation, creating a combination of colors that truly “pop.”  A “doming” effect of the gel ink is achieved by curing the print at 375°F. Gellusion also is ideal for printing lenticular effects.

The video, shown above, shows Kieth Stevens, western regional sales manager for International Coatings, demonstrating the Gellusion technique, which he has been using since the 1990s.

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