Comfort Colors® presents Pigment Pure™: A Cleaner Dye Process For A Cleaner World

Conscious, colorful styles with less environmental impact

In the world of t-shirt decoration and apparel design, the quest for earth-friendly quality and innovation is never-ending. Comfort Colors® has risen to meet this challenge head-on with its revolutionary Pigment Pure™ dyeing process. A game-changer in the industry, this unique approach not only places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, but also elevates the comfort level of our styles.

The Genesis of Pigment Pure™

The Pigment Pure™ process, exclusive to Comfort Colors®, has its roots stretching back over 45 years. This innovative dyeing technique has become a defining feature of the brand, setting Comfort Colors® apart as pioneers in pigment dyeing. The method’s beauty lies in its impact; dye molecules directly bond with the fabric, reducing resource usage and ensuring each shirt has that signature faded look that customers love.

A Commitment to the Planet

Today’s customers are not just looking for high-quality apparel; they’re seeking brands that align with their values, especially regarding environmental stewardship. Comfort Colors® answers this call with the Pigment Pure™ process. By using approximately three times less water, reducing process time by an average of 40%, consuming less energy, and eliminating the need for salt*, this dyeing technique underscores a commitment to a cleaner dye process for a cleaner world.

The Art of Comfort

Aside from its environmental benefits, the Pigment Pure™ process impacts the very essence of what a t-shirt represents — comfort. A Comfort Colors® garment is cozy from the moment it’s first worn, becoming even softer with each wash. This level of comfort, combined with the earth-friendly nature of the process, makes it a compelling choice for both t-shirt decorators and end customers.

Expanding Palette

Currently boasting 55 pigment colors with more on the horizon for 2025, Comfort Colors® offers a colorful palette which not only allows for a broader expression of creativity but also demonstrates the brand’s ongoing innovation in dye technology.

Why It Matters for T-Shirt Decorators

For t-shirt decorators, selecting the right fabric and dye process is crucial. It affects everything from the final product’s look and feel to its market appeal. With the Pigment Pure™ process, Comfort Colors® offers a product that stands out for its comfort, style, and consciousness. In an increasingly earth-friendly market, being able to offer a product that ticks all these boxes can significantly differentiate a brand.

In conclusion, the Pigment Pure™ dyeing process is not just a testament to Comfort Colors®‘ dedication to quality and comfort; it’s an earth friendly innovation in the apparel industry.

* The data on the Pigment Pure™ process are based on approximate comparisons with the conventional reactive dyeing process and are averaged.