Decorated Apparel, Screen Printing and Adding Online Merch Stores

Mar 28, 2024

Online custom merchandise stores can be a great addition to an existing decorated-apparel or T-shirt screen-printing business, and there are many different ways to run them. In this Shop Talk, host Rick Roth, founder of New England’s Mirror Image Screenprinting & Embroidery and Ink Kitchen, talks with Peter Rinnig of QRST’s and Pam Ikegami of Doing Good Merch and the Ink Kitchen about choosing an e-commerce platform and working out the nuts and bolts of shipping and handling. Rinnig and Ikegami will look at how offering online stores helps lock in customers for bulk orders, too.

Roth, Rinnig and Ikegami’s conversation was recorded at part of the Impressions Expo in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For more on all three Impressions Expo, including the expos in Long Beach, California, and Fort Worth, Texas, click here.