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Not All Business is Good Business; It’s Important to Know the Difference

Dec 8, 2023

It can be one of the hardest things in the world, for startups especially: turning away business. However, the reality is that not all business is good. Not only that, but not turning away the business that is bad for you can not only hurt your bottom line, it can put your entire decorated apparel business in jeopardy.

In this Shop Talk discussion from Impressions Expo Atlantic City this past spring, Rick Roth’s Ink Kitchen gathered a panel of industry veterans to share their thoughts identifying a specific decorating niche and handling turning down the work that isn’t good for you. They’ve also shared more than a few good war stories about some of their more idiosyncratic/difficult customers, as well!

Joining Rick for this fun and freewheeling panel discussion were Aimee Derouen of Mirror Image, Peter Rinnig of QRST’s, Dennis Tan of Ampersand Print Co., and co-host Stan Banks of the T-Shirt Side Hustle. Enjoy!