Decorating Management Systems and Software

Aug 11, 2023

In this 3-part how-to video series, veteran screen-printer and founder of the decorating software management company Gavin StGeorges looks at how you too can use the latest systems software to improve your business.

Part 1: The importance of thinking in terms of “systems” to better understand your company


Part 2: More insights into how better to look at your company


Part 3: A survey of the online tools available for those looking to systematize their business


This series of how-to videos is a presentation of Impressions Expo, where it was originally recorded, and Impressions Magazine. For more on Impressions Expo and the industry-leading decorated apparel trade shows it holds each year in Long Beach, California; Atlantic City, New Jersey; and Fort Worth, Texas, go to

To reach StGeorges directly, visit his web site at