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I Hate Hats! How to Successfully Embroider Caps and other Headwear

Jul 10, 2023

In this 4-part series, veteran embroiderer Bill Garvin of BG Tech Services looks at how to be successful at embroidering hats and caps. Over the course of these four how-to videos Bill looks at both the basics with respect to the different hat and cap types out there, and the challenges they present for embroiderers.


Part 2: The relative importance of digitizing, hooping and speed


Part 3: Proper Digitizing and Some Tricks for Working with Foam


Part 4: How to Hoop, How to Know When You’ve do so Correctly


This series of how-to videos is a presentation of Impressions Expo, where it was originally recorded, and Impressions Magazine. For more on Impressions Expo and the industry-leading decorated apparel trade shows it holds each year in Long Beach, California; Atlantic City, New Jersey; and Fort Worth, Texas, go to To see more videos on the ins and outs of the decorated apparel industry, go to the Impressions magazine Video Page. To reach Bill directly BG Tech Services, visit his web site at