Workhorse Products Automatic Press Package

From Workhorse Products

Workhorse Products’ Pneumatic Package No. 1 is designed for use with the Freedom six-color/eight-station press. The package includes the Powerhouse electric quartz PQ3011 dryer, which can output 400-500 pieces per hour using medium-wave IR elements that transmit heat more quickly than conventional ceramic panels, according to the company. The package also includes the Point 1000 screen-exposure unit, which features a 1,000-watt halogen point light source that captures halftones and fine lines, while the UV fluorescent lights help to speed exposure. A Flashback flash cure allows users to print, flash and cool all on the same head. The waist-high Wash-It screen-reclaiming sink is made of waterproof steel. Rounding out this package are optional platens that come in adult, youth and sleeve sizes.