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2024 Impressions Industry Impact (III) Awards

Recognizing the products, innovation and technology propelling the decorated-apparel industry into the future

By the Impressions Editorial Team

June 4, 2024

It’s no secret the decorated-apparel industry is very much an industry on the move these days. Blank apparel, screen-printing, embroidery, heat-pressing, digital-decorating tech, you name it—not only is change the name of the game, but the rate of change seems to be becoming that much faster, that much more pronounced with every passing year.

In light of this fact, we at Impressions have created something we’re calling our Impressions Industry Impact (or III) Awards to highlight the best of the best in terms of the industry’s latest advances. Categories include everything from the best new heat-pressing technology to the best in blank apparel and everything in between, reflecting the fact that when it comes to custom apparel the rate of change is not only dizzyingly fast-paced, but all encompassing as well. For those interested in taking part in our III Awards program in the coming year, stay tuned. We’ll be revealing the details of our 2025 Awards in the months to tome. In the meantime, enjoy, and keep up the good work!

2024 Impressions Industry Impact Awardees